May 20, 2017

Is it rude to ask for music in digital formats?

Some musicians like to release their music in physical formats only, such as CD.

Is it impolite to tell them you want their works in digital formats, including download and streaming?


We believe many music fans who have no inheritors don't like their favorite musicians' CDs thrown away after they die.

The percentage of lifetime-unmarried people* is getting higher and higher in the aging society with fewer children in Japan.

Artists who stick to publicity in physical formats should change their mind and launch their pieces also in digital formats to prevent your discs and art works from going to the trash can held by their deceased fan who doesn't have any relatives to visit her/his grave.

* lifetime-unmarried people = They are defined in Japan as the ones who have never married by the age of fifty. The percentage of the females is 14.06 % with the males at 23.37 % in Japan in 2015.

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