May 14, 2015

Dear... / KenKoba

KenKoba may remind you of the Japanese comedian, but they are a duo with Kentaro Sumiyoshi on guitar and Mayumi Koba on piano.

Their debut album "Dear..." features 10 original compositions. It is filled with passion to create something emotive.

Songs to listen out for include "beyond the prairie," the track Koba wrote inspired by Mongolian folktale Sukh's White Horse and "Always Blue Sky," the tune Sumiyoshi came up with when he bade farewell to his farther with his nephew.

Although a bunch of two-piece units of guitarist and pianist are playing their music, this outfit is outstanding in terms of rendition technique as well as powers of artificial expression.

KenKoba's album "Dear..." is really a noticeable debut release and worth getting for your heavy rotation.

Released: April 24th, 2015
Label: Ohrai Records

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