January 17, 2018

Kaoru Azuma (vo) and Hitomi Nishiyama (pf) played CREOLE in Kobe on Jan 14, 2018

The only singer that pianist Hitomi Nishiyama accompanies is Kaoru Azuma. They performed a live show after about a five-month break.


- Kaoru Azuma (voice)
- Hitomi Nishiyama (piano)

at CREOLE in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan on January 14th, 2018

The songs were from the album they launched in 2013, the tunes they created after the release, jazz standards and Argentine artist Carlos Aguirre's pieces.

Set list for the show
* 1st Stage
1. J
2. Pierre Without A Face
3. Remains To Be Seen
4. I've Never Been In Love Before
5. Pescadores
* 2nd Stage
1. Face Of Yesterday
2. Lost In Time
3. Circular Blue
4. Moonlight In Vermont
5. Baroque
* Encore
Milonga Gris

Azuma says she is always seriously nervous when she sings Nishiyama's songs.

"I have to use my vocal chords to the utmost limit. It's really demanding, but quite an honor".

Azuma also writes lyrics to Nishiyama's music.

Both of them were born in Osaka. Their talk on the stage is another fun when you attend their gig.

Kaoru Azuma: "I'm not like an Osakan obachan."
Hitomi Nishiyama: "Yes, you are, definitely!"

The show was hilarious as well as fantastic. It again convinced us their new album is anxiously awaited in the world.

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