February 10, 2018

Gidon Nunes Vaz and The Hard Bob Study Group played Dolce Artists Salon in Osaka on Feb 6th, 2018

The American trumpeter would have felt terribly honored and proud to receive tribute from the later-generation musicians like this.

Gidon Nunes Vaz and The Hard Bob Study Group played a Kenny Dorham homage concert at the tidy venue in Osaka on the freezing evening.

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Gidon Nunes Vaz (trumpet, fluegelhorn)

The Hard Bob Study Group
- Manami Shimizu (piano)
- Shojiro Yokoo (trumpet)
- Minoru Satomura (tenor saxophone)
- Yusuke Imanishi (trombone, interpreter)
- Naoki Mitsuoka (double bass)
- Kiyoshi Tsurumaki (drums)

at Dolce Artists Salon Osaka in Osaka, Japan on February 6th, 2018

Set list for the show
1. None Shall Wander
2. Afrodisia
3. Lotus Flower
4. Windmill
5. Scandia Skies
6. Lazy Afternoon
7. Night Train Nostalgia / Gidon Nunes Vaz
8. No End
Lotus Blossom

The Netherlands trumpeter Gidon Nunes Vaz carried out researches on Kenny Dorham's life and career during the master's program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

As there is little documentary material left about the legendary trumpeter, Gidon talked enthusiastically with Dorham's former students and fellow musicians to complete the thesis.

Inspired by his music in the process of the writing, Gidon released his album "Tribute to KD" in 2015 when he graduated from the master's degree course.

The songs the jazz cats played on the night were all Dorham's composition, but for the one created by Gidon: "Night Train Nostalgia" included in the album "Carry It On!".

He got the idea when he saw the full moon over the snowfield on the long-distance train.

Most touching on the set list was the piece before the encore, or Dorham's last work "No End".

Gidon said that two days before Dorham passed away he had given the score of "No End" to American saxophonist Jimmy Heath.

"Dorham's life came to the end then. But his music will live on forever: No End."

Gidon arranged it for the night's tribute gig.

Gidon Nunes Vaz and The Hard Bob Study Group showed exactly what a performance that pays respect to a great artist should be.

Finally, I am really grateful to Yusuke Imanishi, the trombonist who also served as an interpreter. Translating as well as playing an instrument on the stage must be a considerably hard job. The audience kept up with what was going on in the show thanks to him.

[left to right] Naoki Mitsuoka (double bass), Minoru Satomura (tenor saxophone), Manami Shimizu (piano), Gidon Nunes Vaz (trumpet, fluegelhorn), Shojiro Yokoo (trumpet), Yusuke Imanishi (trombone, interpreter) and Kiyoshi Tsurumaki (drums)

Isamu Nozaki at Jazz Up Japan

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