March 04, 2018

Minimums: Megumi Hara (sx) and Chiaki Kanamori (pf) played STAR LIVE U6 in Osaka on Mar 2, 2018

When it comes to duo of saxophonist and pianist, which two will come to mind?

Sounds like such a challenging job, but rewarding as well.



- Megumi Hara (alto/soprano saxophone)
- Chiaki Kanamori (piano)

at STAR LIVE U6 in Osaka, Japan on March 2nd, 2018

Set list for the show
1. It Don't Mean A Thing (as)
2. Human Nature (ss)
3. Afro Blue (as)
4. The Rose (ss)
5. Just The Way You Are (as)
6. What A Wonderful World (as)
7. Together Again (ss)

Megumi Hara (alto/soprano saxophone) and Chiaki Kanamori (piano) performed jazz standards, Michael Jackson’s song, Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are", not Bruno Mars', and so forth.

They began with Duke Ellington's number. Nonetheless, they didn't swing, but made it like reggae.

Hara shifted the axe from alto sax to soprano or vice versa depending on the piece they played. The both sounds were so beautiful and gentle.

Each of them sometimes plays the instrument at a wedding reception; "The Rose" is often heard in the banquet room in Japan.

In the club there are some jazz giants' portraits on the wall, such as Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis and Art Blakey.

"We now feel encouraged by the legends", said Hara and Kanamori.

Hara (sx), Kanamori (pf)
Megumi Hara (sx), left, and Chiaki Kanamori (pf)

Most impressive to me was the song that is quite famous for Louis Armstrong's rendition: "What A Wonderful World". It was arranged by Kanamori, who didn't play that melody at all! She kept touching the lower note keys and Hara responded to it without getting sucked in the piano sound. Amazing!

That evening they played for the first act of a double-bill show. The second one was performed by rock band "Junk Trio" - electric guitar, electric bass and drums. The very last song on the night was Chick Corea's "Spain", which was a fantabulous collaboration between the jazz pianist and the rock trio.

Kanamori (pf), Junk Trio
Chiaki Kanamori (pf) and Junk Trio

Isamu Nozaki at Jazz Up Japan

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