March 05, 2018

Kaoru Azuma (vo) and Phillip Strange (pf) to play gallery zing in Kobe on Sun, Mar 25, 2018

[Gig Info] - Sun, Mar 25th in Kobe - voice, piano - Y2500 adv / Y3000 door. Min 1 drink.

* Venue: gallery zing in Kobe

* Time: 7:30 pm on Sunday, March 25th

* 2-piece: voice, piano

* Cover: 2500 JPY advance / 3000 JPY door + Minimum 1 drink

Kaoru Azuma (vo) and Phillip Strange (pf)

On Sunday, March 25th, Kaoru Azuma (voice) and Phillip Strange (piano) will be playing at gallery zing near Konan-Yamate Station on JR Kobe Line in Kobe.

Thoroughly smoke-free at all times.

The curtain on the show will go up at 7:30 pm.

Cover is
2500 JPY advance (make reservations by Contact Form on the venue's website ),
3000 JPY door,
1500 JPY for a student with ID
+ Minimum one drink.

The door will open at 7:00 pm.


- Kaoru Azuma (voice)
- Phillip Strange (piano)


+ gallery zing

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