March 15, 2018

Hitomi Nishiyama to record her third heavy metal cover album on FAZIOLI

The Italian craft is attracting more and more pianists in the world.

Hitomi Nishiyama has been devoted to Fazioli Pianoforti since she listened to Enrico Pieranunzi handle the piano masterly in his album. She talked to an Italian media outlet about what she learned from his work.

After Nishiyama got on one for the first time in 2006, the handiwork has helped her produce some creative recordings.

History of FAZIOLIs played by Hitomi Nishiyama for album recording
AlbumYear of ReleaseModel of FAZIOLIPiano Installation Site
Shift2014F278TAGO STUDIO TAKASAKI in Gunma
Crossing2013F228Sengawa Avenue Hall in Tokyo
Sympathy2013F228OORONG-SHA in Tokyo
Astrolabe2012F308FAZIOLI showroom in Tokyo
Parallax2008F278Sakira Hall in Shiga

In 2018 she will play a FAZIOLI piano to record her third heavy metal cover album "New Heritage Of Real Heavy Metal (NHORHM)". The last two ones, which won the hearts and minds of many heavy metal fans, were not on FAZIOLI.

She says she is glad to let heavy metal lovers know about FAZIOLI.

Jazz enthusiasts also look forward to the release.

Isamu Nozaki at Jazz Up Japan

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