June 09, 2018

Hatsune Hirakura (pf) and Ro Hasegawa (ts) played SUB in Osaka on May 31st, 2018

A scholarship student at Berklee College of Music on vacation came back home to the incubator in Osaka, Japan.


- Hatsune Hirakura (piano)
- Ro Hasegawa (tenor saxophone)

at SUB in Osaka, Japan on Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The first time Hatsune Hirakura played the old house was when she was a high schooler. Ro Hasegawa, the owner and saxophonist, welcomed her in school uniform to his seemingly adult-oriented place.

Signboard at SUB on May 31, 2018

That evening on the final day of May 2018, Hirakura played some jazz standards with Hasegawa on tenor saxophone in front of the audience members who looked forward to seeing her performance after some absence.

The show was stunning enough to assure you of Hirakura's promising future.

Isamu Nozaki at Jazz Up Japan

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