July 04, 2018

Chiaki Kanamori (pf) and Yukiko Makino (gt) played Cellar Bar Kent in Osaka on June 24th, 2018

It is another fun to listen to a duo of chordal instrumentalists play music from categories such as jazz and J-pop.

Pianist Chiaki Kanamori and guitarist Yukiko Makino demonstrated that their axes are certainly one of the combinations.


- Chiaki Kanamori (electronic piano, keyboard harmonica)
- Yukiko Makino (guitar)

at Cellar Bar Kent in Osaka, Japan on Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Set list for the show
* 1st Stage
1. 東京は夜の七時 〜 The night is still young 〜
2. After The Rain / Makino
3. やさしさに包まれたなら (Kanamori on keyboard harmonica)
4. 旅人 / Kanamori
5. ただいま、くまちゃん / Makino
* 2nd Stage
1. It Don't Mean A Thing (Kanamori on keyboard harmonica)
2. My Favorite Things
3. 夏祭り
4. Reverse / Makino
5. Amber / Makino
* Encore

In addition to electronic piano, Kanamori played keyboard harmonica for some songs. She has blown it since kindergarten days.

She introduced her original "旅人", which means traveler. Her grandmother's nature-rich hometown inspired her to write the song. That sounded really grand.

Chiaki Kanamori on keyboard harmonica and Yukiko Makino on guitar

Makino's "After The Rain" depicts the clear air and the smell after it stops raining, which are among her favorite findings in daily life.

She came to the gig with four compositions of her in total. All of them brought back memories, somehow.

They played not only their original songs but ones arranged by them. Their unconventional mode of expression was worth appreciating.

Yukiko Makino and Chiaki Kanamori

Yukiko Makino (left) and Chiaki Kanamori

Isamu Nozaki at Jazz Up Japan

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