September 23, 2018

SOA played BERONICA in Osaka, Japan on September 19th, 2018

SOA (voice, keyboards, looper) performed in the quadruple-bill show that took place at BERONICA in Osaka, Japan on September 19th, 2018.


- SOA (voice, keyboards, looper)

at BERONICA in Osaka, Japan on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Set list for the show
1. One / SOA (voice on keyboards)
2. What A Wonderful World (voice on keyboards)
3. 翳りゆく部屋 (voice on keyboards)
4. Smile (voice on looper)
5. Just Two Of Us (voice on looper)

SOA plays her music in different styles.

That evening she sang to her own keyboards accompaniment and manipulated a music looper to add more beauty to her voice.

The songs included jazz standards, her original and a J-POP tune by Yumi Arai, which is popular with the audience at her gigs.

Her performance was fascinating enough to enjoy a starry spell during the autumnal rainy season.

SOA at BERONICA on Sep 19, 2018

Isamu Nozaki at Jazz Up Japan

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