December 17, 2018

The Hirakata Love Jazz 2018 at Mécénat Hirakata in Hirakata City, Osaka Pref., on December 1st, 2018

The Hirakata Love Jazz concert, which features the three jazz musicians you will remember in connection with the city of Hirakata in the northern part of Osaka Prefecture, took place for the second consecutive year.

Set list for the show

* 1st Stage - Hiroshi Tanaka Trio + Miki Hirose, Anri Ikeda
1. Three in one / Thad Jones (arranged by Mitsuoka)
2. And I love her / Jonn Lennon, Paul McCartney (arranged by Shimizu)
3. Harlem Nocturne / Earle Hagen (arranged by Tanaka)
4. Autumn leaves / Josef Kosma (arranged by Mitsuoka)
5. You go to my head / Fred Coots
6. Like a lover / Dori Caymmi, Nelson Motta (arranged by Ikeda)
7. Our love is here to stay / George Gershwin

- Hiroshi Tanaka (drums)
- Manami Shimizu (piano)
- Naoki Mitsuoka (double bass)
- Miki Hirose (trumpet)
- Anri Ikeda (vocals)

* 2nd Stage - Takanori Suzuki Trio
1. Esperanza / Takanori Suzuki
2. Lost Bird / Takanori Suzuki
3. Cada Vez Que Siento Tu Amor / Quique Sinesi
4. Lumière / Takanori Suzuki
5. Slippy / Takanori Suzuki

- Takanori Suzuki (clarinet)
- Satoshi Aikawa (guitar)
- Yoshihiro Tokiyasu (double bass)

* 3rd Stage - NHORHM
1. P.C.P. / Hitomi Nishiyama
2. Madhouse / Anthrax
3. Over the hills and far away / Gary Moore
4. Speed / Loudness
5. El.Dorado / Seikima-II
6. What do you do for money honey / AC/DC

- Hitomi Nishiyama (piano)
- Ryoji Orihara (fretless bass)
- Manabu Hashimoto (drums)

* Final Stage - Hirakata Trio
1. Hirakata Park West / Hitomi Nishiyama
2. Take the "K" Train / Hitomi Nishiyama

- Hitomi Nishiyama (piano)
- Takanori Suzuki (clarinet)
- Naoki Mitsuoka (double bass)

The lead-off cat was double bassist Naoki Mitsuoka, who was part of drummer Hiroshi Tanaka's trio with pianist Manami Shimizu. The unit invited trumpeter Miki Hirose and singer Anri Ikeda to play some jazz standards.

The artist who followed Mitsuoka was clarinetist Takanori Suzuki. He led his trio with guitarist Satoshi Aikawa and double bassist Yoshihiro Tokiyasu to play Suzuki's compositions and a spanish song.

The last performer at the show was pianist Hitomi Nishiyama. Her project band NHORHM (New Heritage Of Heavy Metal) with fretless bassist Ryoji Orihara and drummer Manabu Hashimoto played heavy metal tunes as well as one of Nishiyama's originals.

On the final stage that afternoon were all the featured Hirakatans: Nishiyama, Suzuki and Mitsuoka, or Hirakata Trio. They played songs Nishiyama created for the Hirakata Love Jazz concert: "Hirakata Park West" and "Take The K Train".

The trio's name may make you think of a comedian group, but the concert reminded the audience of their deep love of Hirakata.

Isamu Nozaki at Jazz Up Japan

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